More Than Your Usual Souvenir.

On vacation in Fiji.
On vacation in Fiji.

We have just been on vacation to Fiji, and came back with more than your usual souvenir.  The kids were busy souvenir hunting and came back with little soft toys.  Turtle teddies.  Four of them.  Each child had theirs in their backpack when returning home, and each child’s backpack got pulled aside once through the x-ray machine at the baggage reclaim.  On each search, the attendant pulled out a little green turtle.

It was pretty funny actually.  I guess they thought the little critters were real and that we were trying to smuggle them into the country.  Some kind of rare turtle breed traffickers, or something.  They grabbed the backpacks with relish and gusto, only to look rather sheepishly amused when they discovered what was really in the backpack.

Back to Fiji, though.  We loved it; had a great time.  Until my youngest child developed a high fever on our penultimate evening in Fiji.  His fever was UP there.  With several other kids, I have experienced 40+ degrees (centigrade) of fever.  I know what it feels like to my hand.  His was at least 40 degrees.  With vomiting.  But by the next morning he seemed fine.

However, a couple of days on, and a sudden rash sprung up on his hands and feet.  So a quick trip to the doctor later, and he was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease, rather more of a souvenir than we bargained for.

Added to that, my next youngest had a slight fever today, and threw up a few times, so I’ll be watching her hands and feet pretty carefully!

Never mind, them’s the breaks I guess.  Especially when your kids want to go to the kids’ club at the resort, and get sneezed on and coughed at, by dozens of other kids.

Other than that though, it was great.  The weather was great (we love warm weather), the food was lovely, and plentiful, we kayaked, swam and snorkeled, and just generally unwound.

Maybe we’ll just avoid kids’ clubs next time around.

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