Time To Turn Off The TV.

Woman watching TV
Photo credit – islandjoe

Have you ever thought that TV is a great way to control the masses?

I not talking about some big conspiracy to keep everyone subdued, lest we rise up and overthrow those at the top.  Not at all.  I think TV was a money maker for those in the film industry, and why not make money if you can?

However, it does have the side effect of putting peoples’ brains into a rather comatose state, does it not?  Just sit down and be fed mindless entertainment night after night for the rest of your life.  It’ll dull the pain.  In fact, if I get to live vicariously, the peoples’ lives I see on TV, then I can forget about my own life for a while.  My own lack of direction, lack of a goal, lack of a purpose.

What do you think would happen if people turned off their TVs, and didn’t turn them back on again?

They would wake up, that’s what!  They would discover that they are not happy with their lives.

According to this Forbes article, 52.3% of American people are unhappy at work, and according to this article, 80% of people in London are unhappy.  I reckon these statistics are probably pretty accurate.

If I hate my job, then it’s safe to say that just lolling in front of the TV all evening, will entertain me enough and numb my brain enough, that I forget just how much I hate my job, until the next morning when I have to get up again and go to work.

What would happen if I hated my job, and didn’t go and watch TV every evening?  Well, I’d moan to my husband about my job, and then we’d look for a way to fix the problem.  I’d spend my evenings trawling the internet, looking for a job I will enjoy more.  Or maybe I’ll use my evenings to study something which would enable me to change career as soon as ever I can.  Perhaps I’d use my evenings to plan my own start-up business.  There are so many things I could do if I didn’t just sit in front of the TV.

But I’ll tell you one thing I wouldn’t be doing.  I wouldn’t be carrying on with something I hate, day after day, year after year.  Without TV as my nightly anesthetic, my brain would be functioning properly, and I would be coming up with a plan to change the things I don’t like in my life.  I would be improving myself, and working towards a future that gives my hope rather than one that fills me with despair.

Isn’t that worth turning the TV off for?

Just say for a moment, that everyone threw out their TVs.  What do you think would happen?  I can picture it now.  More people would be out exercising, getting fit, staying fit.  People would become creative in all sorts of ways.  They might spend more time with their kids.  Maybe they’ll find ways to start up their own little enterprise and make a bit of extra cash.

I guess it’s quite probable that within a year, there would be a dramatic increase in the number of babies born, too.  Actually, by the time we had children numbers four and five, people were advising us to get a TV.  “Don’t you guys have a TV?  You know, that rectangular looking thing that sits in the corner of the room while everyone stares at it for the whole evening?  Maybe you should get one?”

Seriously though, I reckon that if those who sit and watch TV for hours every evening, were to spend their evenings doing something else, it would change the way our society, as a whole, looks and functions.

What do you think would happen if you took away the kids’ TV and computer games?  We have done this.  Several times, in fact.  It looks like this.  For the first few days, they wander around aimlessly, being bored, telling you they are bored, and that there is nothing to do.  Then after about three days, their brains start to wake up again; they start firing on all cylinders again.  The kids start to play.  Shock, horror!  They can still be creative enough to make up their own games.  And, (wonders will never cease), they’ll find they can play those made-up games together, without fighting. 

You and your partner will probably keel over in shock because your kids actually seem to like each other, and are getting along really well.  And it’s really weird, but they will seem so much happier making up games, and doing normal kid stuff, than they ever were when they were entertained by TV and computer games all the time.

It’s definitely worth going cold turkey for.

So how about it?  If you’re a big TV addict, and can’t live without the latest episode of whatever it is you’re hooked on, how about trying it for a month?  Unplug the TV and put it in the attic, and try not to sneak up there to watch it when you’re having withdrawals.

The first few days to a week might be hell on earth.  But your creative genius will emerge, that wonderful thing that has been lying dormant for all this time.  And then the magic will really start to happen.  Maybe after a while, you’ll even start to wonder how you ever sat there, hour after hour, night after night, staring at the rectangular thing which sat in the corner of your room.

But what do you think?  Could it be worth a try?

Feel free to leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what happened when you decided to turn off the TV.