Capacity Is A State Of Mind.

Running at full capacity: multi-tasking mom.

Capacity is a total state of mind.  When you believe you can do something, your mind sets about finding ways to do it.  On the other hand, when you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you, to prove why you can’t do it.

The amount you can manage to do in a day, or a week, in other words your capacity, is all about your mind set; how much you believe you can do.

You can discover solutions to personal problems if you believe you can.  You can find ways to make your marriage better, if you believe you can.  And you can find ways to increase your earnings, if you believe you can.

If you don’t believe you can, then your mind will give you plenty of reasons as to why you can’t.

It’s not about the problem which lies in front of you, and how big it is.  Nope.  Our attitude towards our problem is the key to solving it.

When my husband and I were first married, we wanted to spend all of our time together, and we decided that the best way for us to do this, was to find a way for him to work from home.

It was quite peculiar really.  We both had that “A-ha!” moment at the same time.  He was on the train on the way home from work, and I was making the dinner.  Like a flash of lightning, it dropped into my head, “He could work from home!  That would work.”  Unbeknownst to me, that lightning bolt had flashed into his mind at the same moment on the train.   Pretty cool, really.

So when he got home, we started making plans.  At the time, he was a Software Tester for one of the big banks in London.  We decided that even though he wanted to work from home, it probably wouldn’t be prudent to chuck in his job just yet.  But we came to the conclusion that we would look for something, and just carry on as we were for a while.

Within a very short time, two opportunities came up.  One was from a person who my husband had met on a real estate course.  The other, my husband phoned to ask them if he could market their product, as it was something of theirs which he used for himself.  They agreed to the possibility, and we set up meetings with each set of people.

The first one sounded easy, and profitable.  The second, not so easy, and not so profitable, though ok; just harder work.

Things were going well at the first meeting, and we were quite taken in by the guy’s presentation.  Until he mentioned that we’d have to get a new phone every three months, and throw the old one in the river.  Hmmm, okaaay then.  At the end of the meeting, we said our goodbyes and backed out the door as graciously as we could.  Alarm bells were ringing in our heads.

That so-called ‘opportunity’ did turn out to be a massive scam, and people ended up being prosecuted.  We were happy that we had run away as far and fast as we possibly could.

So we moved on to the next meeting.  It went well.  The people were wonderful.  They were the totally upstanding sort of people who you knew would do a thing just because they had said they would.  And we could just tell that every little detail would be honest and above board.  Though at first, this particular opportunity had seemed like the least lucrative, we made an agreement with them that my husband would become their marketing and salesperson, and that their other guys would handle the techy stuff.

We paid for one advertisement to run on a contractor website, and for the first couple of months, my husband would be excited if he got one call a day.  He would return those calls in his lunch hour, and before much longer he started getting more inquiries, as through the advert and through word of mouth, things started picking up.

Fairly quickly, things got to the point where he no longer had time to return calls on his breaks, because there were simply too many of them.  So at the stage where he was not earning as much as he did in his Software Testing job, but we had enough to just about pay our bills, he left his job and took the leap into working from home.

Twelve years later, he is still working from home.  That one opportunity which we grabbed with both hands and ran with, has enabled us to be location independent, and has done well enough that we have never had to worry about how we will pay the bills.  It has been fantastic.  However, it’s not going to go on forever, so we are currently working on starting up other things.

My point in this is to say that when you believe you can do something, the right opportunities will come your way.  Your mind will find creative ways to solve your dilemma, and before you know it you’ll be on the path to achieving your goal.

Capacity too, is a state of mind.  Maybe some people might have said that there was no way they could do the extra work when they already had a full time job.  My hubby knew he had to if he wanted to work from home, and so he found a way to make it work.  He paid an answering service and redirected all his calls to them.  They took the call and sent him the messages, and he then returned the calls on his break.  There are ways to do anything you want to do.  You just have to put your mind to it.

Actually, my husband has always been a great problem solver.  I’m more the one who says, “Help!  This isn’t working!”  And then I just plow on anyway.  Because you know, if something clearly isn’t working, then I should just put more effort in, and that will make it work.  Or perhaps it won’t.  Work smart, not hard, is my motto now.

It was that way with the home schooling.  Things were not working.  I was run ragged every day, ‘helping’ the kids, marking their work, entertaining the little ones, making the lunch.  So I tried harder.  I became more stressed.  And so it went on.

Until I spoke to my husband.  And he, being a problem solver and general fixer of all dilemmas, came up with the solution instantly.  Outsource!  So within an hour, he had found an online maths curriculum, which had video lessons and then questions for the kids to answer.  It also marked the questions as they went along.

I had gone from teaching three separate maths lessons, helping three kids with everything, and marking all their separate work, to doing nothing except making sure they were actually getting the work done each day.  The nice man on the video explained everything, and he even marked their work.  In one fell swoop, I was relieved of about three hours’ work a day.

All of a sudden, I had these three extra hours in which to start teaching my next child to read and count.  I had more time to read to the littlest and play with him.  And I managed to get lunch made on time.

If you believe you can do a thing, there are always ways to do it.  And capacity is a state of mind.

I had thought there just wasn’t time to get everything done.  But there was.  We just had to become more efficient, and do it in a way that worked for everyone.

So here’s my updated resume, which has come about as a result of learning to be more efficient.

I am a mother of five, no sorry, a home schooling mother of five.  I write a blog, and I also recently wrote a book, which I will be editing at some point soon.  My husband and I are starting up two new businesses, I play field hockey, and up until recently I also had four horses to look after and one to ride.  Then there’s the usual cooking, cleaning and laundry chaos which is a family of seven.  Plus, we take the kids to their various activities each week.  We also find plenty of time to relax.  And my husband still manages to get his work done among all this.

But without us streamlining our operation, making it more efficient, there’s no way all of this could happen.

Capacity is a state of mind.  And if you believe you can do a thing, your mind will find a way to do it.

The question to ask is not, “Can I do this?”  But is should be, “How can I do this?”  Because that thing can be done.  That problem does have a solution.  I just have to put my mind to it, and I can work it out.

Have a great day!  And happy solution finding!