The Biggest Dichotomy Ever.

No dichotomy here.  Kids on the beach in Fiji.
Photo by Discover Dream Create.
The kids in on the beach in Fiji.


So now we have a dichotomy, a dilemma, a fork in the road.  The trouble is, up until now, we haven’t known which path to take.

On the one hand we have tropical bliss.  We are just reaching the end of a week in Fiji, and to be honest, being here on Plantation Island, or a place like it, is like being in paradise.

And on the other hand, we have a life a business opportunities, conferences, courses, lessons, classes, activities for the kids, within a very organized society.

Both paths have been calling our names.  And it’s been a problem, really it has.

The main thing any parent wants to do, is to do right by their kids.  But do the kids really want to be ferried around from one activity to another, or do they want time spent as a family, doing things together?

Do we want warm weather, or cold?  Do we want blue skies, or cold, wet (or snowy) and gray?  Does it even matter?  When my husband and I lived in the UK, we pretty much didn’t step out of doors for nine months of the year, because it was just too miserable outside.

I realize that we are totally ‘lucky’ to even have the option.  Most people just stay where they are born, at least in the same country, anyway.  And here, we have the option of several countries to choose from.  But it has been a dilemma.  Truly.

You see, more than just good weather versus bad weather, and tropical fruits versus apples and pears, is the tearing within our own souls.  We are people who want to be busy, yet we also want a relaxed life with no pressure.  Business opportunities are important to us, but so is a quiet life.  And mixing the two just doesn’t seem to be that simple, when your husband works in Financial Services.  We want a life that is easy and peaceful, and slow moving, but then there’s that voice which shouts that we need to find something to ‘do’.

The Law of Compensation is this: if you take the left path, you’ll miss all the opportunities, all the futures that you would have had if you’d taken the right.  But if you take the right, you’ll miss the peacefulness and tranquility that you would have had, had you taken the left.  The real dilemma is that both are really important to us.  We want to have our cake, and eat it too.

So is there a way of doing both?

Up until now, this has not been a rhetorical question.  We did not know the answer, and perhaps we still don’t, though we are starting to think more creatively about things.  Hopefully we will have our answers fairly soon, because we’ve sold our house and our moving date has been brought forward.  We leave in three weeks and will be homeless!

So what would you do, if you had sold up and could do anything you wanted?

Would you travel?  Or would you settle somewhere tropical?  Somewhere Mediterranean?  Somewhere cold?  In the country?  Or the city?  On the beach?  Would you try and find another job somewhere?  Start your own business?  Go and live in a log cabin on a mountain somewhere?

Anyway, watch this space.  The answer will come; it always does.